Shiner pics - working

Bedste hund i åben klasse af over 30, C-pr. reg. Nordsjælland april 2014

5 pictures of Shiner at a training day with Keith Mathews, organised by DRK, reg. Nordsjælland. Many thanks to our good friend Anne Winkel for the lovely Photos - and to our club for making the day possible!

4 Pictures of Shiner working at a cold game test in Norway Sep. 2014 where a partner was needed for the last dog - Shiner did a very nice job - and so did Brit H. Mathisen who took these great action pictures, thank you Brit, hope to see you at future trials and trainings :-)

The picture of Shiner winning best dog at the intermed. level after a run-of was taken by Hanne Hansen, thanks for sharing it with us!