Chesapeake pups b. April 25, 2018

Zesty & Bohous chessie pups spring 2018

8 pups born April 25: 4 males & 4 females, deadgrass, sedge, light brown, brown.

ALL SOLD. Next litter planned for early spring 2019. Contact us for more info.

"Bohous" : CZCH Bob Chessy z Vlcich luk (CZCH CZHuntingCH Aaron Adisson Kelecsky poklad - Eliska z Vlcich luk)

Hunt test: CACT. Show: CAC, CACIB, BOB.  Hips A/B, elbows 0/0, PRA/HC/RD clear Feb.2017, PRA/EIC/DM clear. Retrieves dummies, logs, antlers, many species of feathered and furred animals.

"Zesty": Cheslabben Zoila's Zest (INTCH NORDCH DKCH SECH NOCH Rally-B Chesapeakeheart Bello Viso WDX (INTFTCH CZFTCH CZCH Chesabar Josef Vici luka - ATHuntingCH INTCH ATCH DKCH Chesareng's Isabella WDQ)

Show: CACs, CACIBs, BOBs. Brugsprøve bestået / working trial passed. Hips A/A, elbows 0/1, PRA/HC/RD clear Dec.2015, PRA/EIC/DM clear.

Zesty retrieves hundreds of ducks and geese every year from the marshes along the Atlantic coast of SW Jutland and from various lakes in Denmark and Sweden. Proven blood tracking dog on wild boar. Retrieves any kind of fowl, and the odd tortoise as well;-)

Both dogs are "their" children's best pals and great companion dogs for their human families.

6(!) hunting champions in the first 3 generations behind these 2 dogs: Pups can't ask for a more exciting and promising pedigree.

See pictures of the pups and their parents Bohous and Zesty in the slideshows below.